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Music City Musings - The Truehearts

by Rich and Laura Lynch

The Truehearts are a captivating couple now working the scene as an Americana/Roots-centric duo. Their approach is characterized by close harmonies and close ties to the roots of American country and folk; rich with the sound of wood and steel and stories of the everyman. We caught up with the pair in advance of their album drop to ask them about music and Music City.

Music City Musings - The Truehearts

MCN: In a town teeming with talent what makes you stand out in Music City?

TH: We have very diverse influences. In any given week, we could be spinning on our turntable The Allman Brothers, Sam Cooke, XTC, The Kinks or Aretha Franklin. While that's not necessarily unique in this town, I think it leads us to write music that isn't characterized as any particular genre. We strive to write from the heart and without concern for how it fits into the world or god forbid, the "music industry". We say strive. It's a goal we hope we achieve.

MCN: What is the most significant musical experience you have been a part of - or witnessed - in Nashville, Tennessee?

TH: TH: This is a tough question because there have been so many. As an audience member, the moment we decided to move here when we were in town visiting and happened to go to The 5 Spot on a Wednesday night and onstage and in the audience were Jim Lauderdale, Lucinda Williams, Elizabeth Cook, Todd Snider, Old Crow Medicine Show and god knows who else. The Tom Waits tribute show at The 5 Spot during the holiday season, anytime we see David Olney, the unexpected. unofficial Americanafest shows... sorry this is not more specific. It's just that amazing, inspiring things happen every day of the week in this town.

And as performers, we love to play with our band and we are so happy to have found them and that they want to play with us. Brian Hinchliffe on bass and Pete Pulkrabek on drums. Also, recording with Dave Coleman has been a great, fun, inspiring experience. And when Americana royalty plays on your record, like Richard Bailey of The Steeldrivers and Paul Niehaus of Calexico and Eamon McLoughlin of The Greencards. It is a happy thing to be a part of this community of musicians in this town.

MCN: I recently heard Nashville described as a dreamer's town. Can you encapsulate the size and the scope of the dream you brought with you to Music City?

TH: TH: We had many reasons to move here, many of which are personal and have nothing to do with music. Life often calls for a change of scenery. And we had a dream of a different kind of life, in a different kind of place where everyone wasn't always trying to keep up with the Jones'. Maybe Nashville has changed but it's still a magical city with an amazing sense of community. We have found our place and our people. It's a dream come true just to live amongst so many similarly afflicted, music loving, impractical misfits, where you never have to explain yourself. So, I guess we've made it! Hahaha.

MCN: What are you currently promoting?

TH: Our new record, "Songs for Spike". We're so excited to release this album. We are very proud of this record. We made it with great friends and great musicians and we feel like we just went for it and made the record we wanted to make. We hope it finds it's audience.

MCN: Nashville is an amazing place. Many call the Tennessee capitol the "It" City while some say we're experiencing growing pains. Either way, it's a fun topic of conversation and the subject always elicits strong opinions. So we ask - what do you love and what do you loathe about the town known as Music City?

TH: Love: The East Side, the countless awesome clubs and bars with always great live music, like The 5 Spot, the Bowery Vault and Dee's, the kind, smart, funny and honest people, the diversity, the deep well of amazing talent, the love for 4-legged friends and the open-mindedness.

Loathe: Scooters, bachelorettes, traffic, unnecessarily aggressive drivers, when they bulldoze our favorite places like Fond Object in Riverside Village and when music venues, art galleries and other cool spots get pushed out to make room for condos and high-end retail.

MCN: When you find yourself in Nashville and the surrounding region and you are out looking for a bite to eat - what is your go to place to dine?

TH: We don't have a lot of extra cash so dining out is rare and always budget-minded. But you can find some great eats on the cheap. Favorites include; Wild Cow, Rosepepper, King Solomon, Calypso. And up the road in Madison, Green Chili and China Cottage.


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