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Rocker Kirk McFee Drives Forward with "Tom Petty"

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Self-styled Detroit rocker Kirk McFee probably couldn't imagine his current whereabouts one year ago. This energetic and enthusiastic member of humanity had made his way from Southern California to the west coast of Florida to start a family business selling hot dogs to seasonal tourists on Marco Island. He was even beginning to book bands at his highly rated establishment.

Michael Webb and Kirk McFee record "Tom Petty" in Nashville.

But, Hurricane Irma struck angrily in September of 2017 and soon McFee found himself on the run eventually relocating back to his home state of Michigan on the outskirts of Detroit Rock City. While packing his family's possessions - his wife and two children had previously vacated while Kirk stuck around to tie up the loose ends - Kirk's thoughts turned to the recently passed Tom Petty and he quickly had the genesis of his new "comeback" single - the catchy and thoroughly entertaining tribute to the fallen leader of the Heartbreakers called "Tom Petty".

What makes the track particularly unique is that it tells the tale of McFee's literal escape from Florida staring down an unknown future with everything on the line as he towed all he owned out of the storm ravaged region. The opening line of "I was free falling, trying not to break down" conveys an urgency that is as real as it gets - and for McFee - it was all too real. Still, rock and roll inspiration was at work.

What makes the track downright genius is the use of over three dozen additional Petty references that relay the rest of Kirk's life story during the four minutes of incendiary musical escapism that has helped the rocker re-light the fire for music that drove him for much of his life. Tom Petty himself would probably even offer a tip of his mad hatter hat in recognition of a job well done - we sure do.

To get the job done McFee turned to one of the acts he booked at his now defunct "Kirk's Coney Island" restaurant. Kirk made another nearly 10-hour drive down to Nashville earlier this fall to visit acclaimed musician and producer Michael Webb (POCO, Chris Stapleton, John Fogerty) who lent his ample expertise and a lot of B3 organ to the track.

Now, Kirk is seeking some help from all the "cool chicks who dig Tom Petty" to complete a video for the song that will before long be available from all the major online retailers. After a brief hiatus to become the hot dog king of Florida, Kirk McFee has returned to music once again in a big and substantially impressive way - proving what we knew all along - Kirk Rocks!

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