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Amanda Colleen Williams Tells the Story of Love in Nashville

by Rich and Laura Lynch

On a stormy Saturday night singer/songwriter Amanda Colleen Williams presented her A Story of Love as a one-woman show to an attentive audience at 7695 River Road Pike in Nashville, Tennessee. Amanda is a Grammy nominated song co-writer who has faced her own personal life storms in recent years. In 2015 she was diagnosed with breast cancer but thankfully is now cancer free. Amanda is the daughter of the legendary Nashville Songwriter Hall of Fame Member, Kim Williams who passed away in 2016. She credits these experiences as the inspiration to boldly emerge with a unique concert series that is like nothing you have ever seen in Nashville.

At 7695 - The recently renovated performance space in Nashville.

On May 27, 2017 Ms. Williams showcased A Story of Love. This album and live acoustic performance blended music, poetry and spoken word to tell the timeless story of love. Amanda's perspective was sassy, sentimental, whimsical and witty. As she played the record from start to finish Amanda - an attractive and charismatic redhead - strolled the room adding to the intimacy of her "Muse". Williams pens visual lyrics that she sang in an expressive voice. The mood of her music ranged from reflective to rocking. Her presentation and storytelling was captivating paired with insightful remarks such as "trusting takes time."

Amanda's songs have been recorded by other notable artists including Garth Brooks and George Jones. Ms. Williams' next set featured a number of tracks from her Cosmopolitan Country album which as the name implies mixes the sounds of the city with country. Highlights of her second set included a story about attending Berkeley School of Music in Boston and befriending a homeless man. "Peter Dances" was a tribute to that poetic person. Amanda performed "She's Tired of Boys" a song that she co-wrote with Garth. The track was written from the perspective of a girl involved in a May-December romance. "Papa Loved Mama" was another story of love that ended with Mama in the graveyard and Daddy in the pen. "Children of the Garden" was an astute observational tune about the times we are currently living in.

In addition to being a musician Amanda runs her own music publishing company Hillybilly Culture LLC and she is the founder of Songpreneurs LLC an on-line community resource for artists. The site features free articles with tips and techniques about songwriting and how to handle your own music publishing, and record company functions, member profiles with organic networking and co-writing, member access to educational videos, audio files, and articles, and edutainment series. They also host discussions and workshops.

Amanda's store, the venue's grounds and a gathering storm.

Williams and her husband Todd have recently opened a private event facility called 7695 - only a few miles off the bustling Charlotte Pike. The stone structure is situated on a sprawling green space on the banks of a creek that flows into the nearby Cumberland River. So in addition to the use of the facility patrons can stroll the grounds in search of wildlife or perhaps play corn hole or croquette. The two story stone structure is available for concerts, corporate events, receptions, weddings and more. On the last Saturday of each month Amanda presents live performances. Williams is scheduled to play June 24 and July 29, 2017.

The event on Saturday was more than just a concert. It was also a mixer. Sandra's Catering provided light snacks for the night. Before the music and between Amanda's sets guests had an opportunity to mingle. On the 27th Lisa O'Dell from SCORE was on site to let folks know that the Nashville Chapter will be hosting a number of symposiums in June and July. On June 2, 2017 they will be featuring a seminar on Nashville's fashion industry. E-Commerce will be held June 13, Social Media is June 29, 2017. The cost for each is $25.00

Toby Hammond of Creative Journey based out of Murfreesboro, TN was showcasing his work. Toby uses reclaimed materials along with old woods to craft artistic and practical pieces. Each item had a tag that gave the history of the piece. Hammond contributed a cool music note decoration to the basket of CDs that was raffled off during the show.

A Story of Love has been described by arranger/pianist Ron Oates as, "a quite welcome relief from the Nashville norm. Each show is a delightful vignette. Your attention is captured from Amanda's spoken introduction, and you remain riveted for the duration". Amanda Colleen Williams has weathered her fair share of life's storms but has remained a successful entrepreneur and musician interested in promoting her work as well as assisting other artists in pursuit of their dreams. Please check out all of her links as well as her event facility 7965.

Toby and Amanda have both been on a Creative Journey.

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